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My Waterfall Finds
with directions, gps coordinates, and maps

Untitled Waterfall Area

waterfall rich area with easy access

located north of Batson, AR

Horsehead Creek Waterfalls

4 great waterfalls

located sorth of Batson, AR above Horsehead Lake

White Oak Creek Waterfalls

A easy hike to a nice open waterfall

located north of Ozark

Upper Sarah Hollow Waterfalls

nice waterfalls just minutes from the road

located north of Batson, AR

Shower Chair Area Waterfalls

nice waterfalls just minutes from the road

located west of Batson, AR

Bingham Hollow Falls

A great easy to get to Waterfall

located southeast of Cass

Sentinel Rock Falls

a great waterfall thats not too difficult to get to

located southeast of Cass

West Fork Horsehead (upper) Falls

bunches of waterfalls in a beautiful rugged canyon

located south of Batson

East Fork Barron Creek Middle

a nice waterfall area and beautiful creek that is rated extremely easy!

located southeast of Cass

Mulberry Valley Falls

Easy quick hikes to two nice waterfalls in a great area with nice views of the Mulberry River & more

located east of Cass

Clear Creek Falls

Easy hikes along old roads/trails

located east of Cass

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