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September 17, 2009 Arkansas Waterfalls
(Longpool Falls, Kings Bluff Falls, & Cedar Falls)

A slow moving low pressure system brought heavy rains to much of Arkansas during the second and third weeks in the month. Streams were barely running so it took some time for them to fill up. Heavier rain on the 15th and 16th got most rivers and streams running pretty good. On the 17th I ventured out to three scenic waterfalls - Longpool Falls, Kings Bluff Falls and Cedar Falls. Total hike distance - 8+ miles

Longpool Falls (44 feet high)

This was a 2 mile hike and my first visit to Longpool Falls. This is a pretty powerfall waterfall. It had a nice jet of wind from it that felt just wonderfull. I tried earlier to get to Forever Falls but wet muddy clay roads prevented it. I hiked towards them for a while but gave up once I estimated how long it would take to get there (several miles of roads before a difficult 2 mile hike).

Kings Bluff Falls (114 feet high - 3rd highest in Arkansas)

This was also a 2 mile hike and my first visit to Kings Bluff Falls. The water wasn't running good enough for me to care to find a way to the bottom of the cliff. The falls were difficult to photograph but I managed by scooting my camera out over the edge of the bluff on a tripod. The bluff was a bit scary as it was wet/slick and one little stumble and your off the edge. The Pedestal Rocks pictured below are along the Kings Bluff Falls Trail.. I didn't do the Pedestal Rocks trail due to time constraints.

Cedar Falls (95 feet high - 5th highest in Arkansas)

I think this is my 4th visit to this waterfall and my 3rd 2 mile hike of the day. I knew this was gonna be rocking and it was. The water was actually up onto the trail at times. I ventured behind the falls (8th pic below) and it was like a tropical storm back there. The wind/spray off of the waterfall is quite strong. I should have brought my Kestrel!