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October 2009 Orionid Meteor Shower

2007 Orionid Meteor Shower Pictures - HERE

updated October 24, 2009:

After two days of clouds and rain the skies finally cleared. Right before I went to bed I checked the Orionid Meteor Count on The IMO (International Meteor Organization) and was surprised to see the numbers had not fallen off at all since peak.. so I set my camera out and caught several nice ones. This first one would have been really nice if not for it being in the uppermost left corner.

I had my camera out for 2 nights but just got a few meteors. I didnt catch or see any Orionid fireballs. There were some bright random meteors though. Here is video. Most of the brighter meteors are randoms. The Orionids are the dimmer ones that are moving generally from right to left.

The clouds helf off till around sunrise the day of the peak (October 21).