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October 25, 2009 Fall Pics

My wife and I did several short hikes today as we were both feeling a bit sick. We first ventured up to High Bank Twins Waterfall (70 feet tall) near the Mulberry River north of Ozark. I have been there many times but today was the first time I hiked to above the falls. AFter taking a few pics looking down from the brink I moved upstream to photograph two smaller waterfalls. I was repositioning a few feet farther upstream when I slipped on a rock and fell several feet into a 3 foot deep pool of water... this was my first hiking fall. The rock was covered in leaves and so I was unable to see the slim and water running across it. It was like ice. Since I was just moving a few feet I had my camera on a tripod and not in my backpack so it ended up underwater. My shin also got busted by a rock but I am farily sure its not broken. My camera didnt work anymore the rest of the trip so I used my wifes camera (after drying it out my camera is working again!). We then headed to White Rock Mountain. The colors were probably the best I have seen.

White Rock Mountain