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October 1, 2009 Storm Chase

I headed west on I-40 expecting to make my way up to Tulsa since that gave me quick access to SW Missouri and back down to E Oklahoam. On the way the skies cleared pretty good and looking at the visible sat it seemed the most clearing was right around I-40 near Henryetta so I stayed on 40 to Henryetta. Around noon the first TCU became visible to my NW just ahead of the front and around 1pm the storms began to form into a line. The southern extent of the TCU developed more slowly. You can see below the 3 towers in that picture. The leftmost/southern of the towers eventually became more developed and I headed south to intercept. I lost internet not 3 miles off the interstate! I stayed just ahead of the heavy rain core and made my way SE towards Eufuala. I decided to stick onto this storm and area instead of playing "next storm" into Texas. I noticed a break of storms between SW MO/NW AR and my storm and I noticed a storm had broken free to the northwest of my storm and had looked pretty decent so I hoped maybe my storm could do the same. It did in fact break free of the line but within 30 minutes really died off. When it broke free it looked the most organized of the day. There was a possible funnel that was just off the ground when I first saw it. It even hooked/tailed towards the ground. But still When I first saw it I thought sure it was outflow related but after watching it not move in relation to the storm I wasn't so sure. The storm died soon thereafter. I then headed south on a back road. I had to cross a couple of scary bridges but finally got to the next hwy just in front of the severe storm. Of course it died then too so I headed home. I hope the gap between the storms in NW AR would fill in and I could continue the chase but the storms that developed there didnt look interesting at all so I called it a day. Once at home I looked over the video of the possible funnel. I thought the video would show it to be likely outflow but it didnt. The outflow would have been against the direction of the motion of the storm anyway so I am sticking with possible funnel!