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April 3, 2007 Arkansas Storm Chase
(click on pictures for larger versions)

Storms began going up to my southeast around 330pm.

The storms were forming along a line that stretched down from Missouri and were probably about 100 miles or so out ahead of the front. I really didnt want to go that far away today and was just hoping to have some storms form along the front and chase them along abit. By 430pm it was looking like storms were not going to fire along the front down where I was so my wife and I left for the storms to the southeast.

Little bit of a overshooting top showing above the forming line of storms.

445pm/2145z and position on radar donated by black box

Storms were due south of me by the time I got to around Clarksville and the new towers were looking better and better.

When we were getting through Russellville (with storm about 10-15 miles south of there) one of the cells had developed into a nice supercell.

536pm/2236z and position on radar donated by black box

Finally got to the storm (roads were difficult) and saw a possible funnel in a area of weak rotation (in the center) but it did have nice lift. (616pm/2316z)

Storm continued to show some rotation but it was never really significent. The picture below is looking right into the center of rotation. The lowering on the left side and the lowering on the right side were rotating around each other. (619pm/2319z)

radar from about the same time.

627pm/2327z and position on radar shown by arrow.

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Within just a few more minutes the storm started going more linear. It never was as organized as it was above.

While we were under what was left of the meso there were flocks of birds flying around and seeming to be very confused.

Mammatus on the southern edge of the storm.

Storm seemed to reorganize a bit but roads prevented a closer inspection (715&730pm).