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September 1, 2007 Aurigid Meteor Shower

Around 83 BC Comet Kiess (a long period comet) lay down a trail of dusty debris. 7 years ago astronomers/meteor forecasters predicted the probability of Earth traveling through the trail of debris on the morning of September 1, 2007. Here are pictures of the September 1, 2007 Aurigid Meteor Shower.

For more information on the Aurigid Meteor Shower check out this NASA Article

The 1st two pictures were taken at 5:37am CT and shows a cropped and full version. The 2nd pictures were taken at 6:10am CT and also show the cropped and full version.

This picture shows another meteor. It was perpendicular to the radiant of the Aurigid's so it might have been just a rogue meteor. Anyway is was a bit odd as the trail was barely visible but it ended in a very bright flash at probably magnitude -3 intensity. Heres the pic

And here is a animated gif to show the meteor better.