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July 5, 2007 Flash Flood
on the Little Mulberry River in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas

After I noticed several inches of rain near the source area for the Little Mulberry River I decided to take a chance on driving up there to see if I could get video and pictures of a flash flood. There are 4 bridges on the Little Mulberry and the first three we came to were all clear. We didnt make it to the fourth one however before we could see a raging brown river through a break in the trees. So we turned around and headed back for the last bridge. It took about 20 minutes for the water to hit us. We could see it coming up around a bend but before we saw it we could definately hear its roar. The river did not rise at all until about 10-20 feet out ahead of the dirty water and then it came up fast. The river went from clear and low to dirty and several feet higher within about 30 seconds. It continued to rise for several more minutes before it leveled off but most of the rise was in the first 30 seconds.