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May 23, 2007 Storm Chase

My wife joined me today. We saw a couple funnels, no tornadoes, but some great structure and lightning.

Video is HERE.

Storms begin to fire along a line from west of Woodward, Ok to north of Pampa, Tx. This is from northwest of Canadian, Tx looking west just before 4pm.

Wall cloud between Canadian and Perryton, Tx 5 miles west of Hwy 83 on Hwy 281 around 420pm.

We let the storm above pass by us as the southern storm began to interfere with its organization. We were in perfect (albeit close) position to interecept the second storm and right when the forward flank was getting by us we noticed the gas light on and so the storm was second priority to getting gas. I had forgot to fill up in Canadian and so we rushed back there losing 30 minutes to fill up. On the way we found all the other chasers. We then got gas and were able to get back ahead of most of the crowds pretty shortly. We took Hwy 23 off of 83 to Locust Grove road then we took CR 6 to great postion to see great structure by about 615pm(the road had plenty of gravel)

After a while we got back to a paved road and the DOW convoy passed.

Panaorama of the storm (my 18mm lens wasnt wide enough).

We saw a couple possible tornadoes from a distance under that thing but nothing I can confirm from my own experience..

We spent the rest of the daylight mostly trying to get some lightning and we got a few.

We finally decided to head home at dark but we went back by Canadian and up 83 a ways to get some lightning/mammatus from the very strong storm northwest of there.