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May 5, 2007 Storm Chase

Saw 3, but probably 4 tornadoes in S Central Kansas.

Video is HERE

The first storm we targeted was at the end of the line of storms that was forming down from the Dodge City area. It was about 2pm when the storm started coming into view.

For the next hour the storm struggled but around 320pm the storm started to get better organized

The wall cloud above fell apart within a few minutes as the storm began a bit of a reorganization. The storm started to show the classic supercell look

Once we got back in close to the storm we were able to observe a classic rain free base/updraft portion of the storm.

Below the updraft base seen above low scud clouds began forming. The clouds slowly were sucked in towards the center of the above picture and began rising. Within 12 minutes a impressive wall cloud was made.

Within a few more minutes the circulation had really increased and we all believed that a tornado was possibly going to drop any moment. A tornado didnt drop out at this point but the storm continued to remain well developed.

About 30 minutes later the wall cloud became a violently rotating chaotic mass. The wall cloud had some of most unbelieveable motion I had ever seen.

At two times brief (several second) tornadoes/dust whirls were observed beneath the wall cloud.

The storm continued to be fairly impressive but no tornadoes dropped.

15 minutes later we see what appears to be 2 funnel clouds.

We followed the storm for a little while longer but soon we turned our attention to the next storm to the southwest. We were actually fairly close and it didnt take long before we were looking at another well defined wall cloud.

We had decent position in the above picture but we wanted to get further north for closer position. While doing so we lost sight of the wall cloud because of a few tree lined roads. When we emerged from them heading north we looked left and saw a tornado.

We didnt stop so the picture didnt turn out good because of the low light levels.

We followed that storm for a while and eventually we headed southwest for the next storm. We got in good position to see tornadoes that were reported on the ground but we couldnt see anything and we called it a night.