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April 21, 2007 NW Texas Tornadoes

Saw I believe 3 seperate tornadoes and probably 4-5 individual supercells. We had targeted West of Plainview, Tx but after looking at model data (namely the RUC) and other info we decided to head further north to near the Oklahoma/Texas/New Mexico border. On the way up there we started seeing some turkey towers and that built over the next hour or so into some weak storms.

We decided not to pursue them into Kansas/Colorado and we decided to head back down a bit to the south. At this point things were not looking good but soon storms started developing to our south and the fun began. We went through several weak LP ish (if that) storms but we continued south towards several much stronger storms that were developing West of Amarillo and moving NNE towards us and some nice crespucular rays appeared.

One of the stronger cells had a horizontal funnel tube snaking out the back.

We continued south until we got to Channing, Tx and from there we headed a few miles east and waited for the storms to come by. After a bit we noticed a wall cloud appearing out of rain to our southwest and soon we were able to discern some nice upward motion as well as rotation and occasional funnels.

We were dealing with another storm to our south that was starting to drop hail on us but we stuck with the wall cloud as the motions were very encouraging and soon a funnel cloud dipped down and very quickly was on the ground.

The tornado did a rapid tranformation from a slender elephent trunk to a much larger multi-vortex cone.

Tornado near Channing, Tx VIDEO
(time lapse at end)

When the tornado was just to our NNW the RFD came kicking around and blocked our view so we headed further east. We had glimpses occasionally of what appeared to be a very large wedge tornado. It was hard to see due to extreme lack of contrast. We did manage to get a picture (although it had to be enhanced).

We lost the wedge after a while and we continued on to the east and then north where we came across a stovepipe and then a slender rope tornado (which after reading other chase reports and looking at radar this is a second and different tornado).

We saw another tornado on another supercell further south and after that we intercepted I think 2 more individual supercells. Some day! Here are pictures from the 3rd (i think) tornado and some structures shots of the last two supercells we chased.