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April 14, 2007 North Texas

We couldnt leave Arkansas till 11am so we didnt get into target area until afternoon. I had a bad feeling about this setup from the day and morning before. In the afternoon convective outlook the SPC upgraded the moderate risk to a high risk (for northern Texas) and I was even more worried as it always seems that during a high risk things just dont work out.

We were on the eastern edge of storms for what was basically all day. First storm we got on was the tornado warned cell in Palo Pinto? county. We were very near the supposed circulation but it was very outflow dominant and I would guess the circulation was on the leading edge area:

When we got to Weatherford we saw the only interesting thing of the day:

Couldnt tell for sure but there seemed to be some hints of rotation with that. Then we had to go THROUGH Weatherford when everyone was getting off work and well it took quite a while. The storm above is what probably what went on to become the Fort Worth/Dallas storm. We had decided earlier that we would not chase anything into the DFW area and so being held up in Weatherford in the end really didnt matter.

While getting through Weatherford we saw the gust front getting well out ahead of the storms and we knew we would be really fortunate to see anything good during the rest of the day. **The lone expception was the storm to our east which was getting better organized and was able to stay pretty much even with the boundary by its heading nearly due east. As it was entering Fort Worth, tornado warnings were issued and indeed a tornado did develop with some damage being reported. I am not at all dissapointed about not heading into the DFW area though...I am actually glad we stuck with our pre-chase rule to not risk being caught in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with a severe storm in the area...especially with a lot of race fans being in town already for the BUSCH & NASCAR races over the weekend.**

Once through Weatherford we starting playing the keep heading south till you find a storm even though everything looks like crap game....and it was sooo fun!

Here's some of the clouds between the pseudo outflow/frontal boundary and in front of the linear storms.

The only storm that even appeared at all like anything worthwhile was the tornado warned storm coming out of Hamilton county. It didnt look as bad as the others on radar but it looked pretty much the same as the others when we got to it. We did get some nickel size hail around Laguna Park but it was brief and for a for a little bit there was some nice inflow in there but it just didnt last.

A dissapointed chase for the distance traveled BUT again at least I had inklings that it might not work out.