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December 17-22, 2011 - New Waterfall Finds and more

12-24-2011: Freezing Fog!

12-22-2011: Jenn and I went exploring today with our pups. We hiked along a different stretch of Clear Creek and almost immediately found a bunch of these stone structures. They were all sorts of sizes of these things with this being the best preserved (4-6 feet tall and about 20 feet across). The area is at 3538'7.05"N 9343'2.06"W and covers an area of about 15 acres which includes all of the different sizes of stone structures and walls. The back side is up against a cliff face and at one spot there a little waterfall and stream that has some stones set around the base like it was used to possibly hold water. Here are a few pics:

12-20-2011: I hiked into a brand new area in the upper drainages of Washita Creek (3537'48.37"N 9334'7.12"W) and found several nice areas and some waterfalls.

12-19-2011: I finished exploring a nice little canyon area (3537'56.35"N, 9339'55.40"W) and found one nice and several other smaller falls.

12-17-2011: I hiked out in the dark to Chinquinpin Ridge Bluff and got to see a great sunrise. When the sun first appeared it was very sickly looking and as it rose it showed quite a bit of distortion from the different inversion layers (temperature differences with height). Video is below



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