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December 13 & 15 & 16, 2011 - New Waterfall Finds

I hiked into a section of Clear Creek (12-16-11) that I found several waterfalls in a couple summers ago. I had never been down there when there was actually water flowing so today I found a few more waterfalls. The two highlights were a section of the main creek where there is some nice big cascades (pictures 4-7 below) with the other being a nice 20ft tall grotto waterfall. Ill probably just call this Clear Creek Grotto Falls (the last picture). The first two pictures are of a new waterfall I found today. I heard the splattering of water above the creek and couldnt figure out where it was coming from. I finally realized the waterfall was hidden behind the bluff face! From right in front of it you can only see the last few feet of it (total height 20-25ft). I dont consider this to be a major waterfall but Ill go ahead and name it Peek-A-Boo Falls. There are no doubt more waterfalls in the area. I think there is another big cascade sequence a bit further down since I heard a nice roar that way. Here is the track in google earth: I didnt stay on it much but there is a 4 wheeler trail that goes all through there. The start/end spot is at the end of the good road but a 4 wheeler trail descends from there. The grotto waterfall is up in the spoke towards the Southeast. The cascade on the main creek is due west of there where the track turns south. There are waterfalls in all of those side drainages north of the grotto waterfall. I havent explored the next drainage up from the grotto falls but I have been up the other big falls but they are both very nice with lots of little falls and cascades. The only issue is crossing the creek and the spots where the 4-wheeler trail crosses the creek arent bad but it would be pretty hard not to get feet wet. The trails go all through there along the creek in both directions so this hike could be as long or short as needed. Im going to bring my bike next time! Also, for anyone not realizing... this area is very near too and down the same road that you go down for Shower Chair/Lego falls.

I hiked into another drainage of Horsehead Creek on 12-15-2011. I have been in some of the area already but the drainage is quite large. I found several nice waterfalls. There were so many smaller waterfalls 5-25 ft that I didnt even bother to stop and photograph them all.

I hiked into the drainage of Horsehead Creek on 12-13-2011. I have been in some of the area already but the drainage is quite large. I found 4 great waterfalls that I would consider significant. The first is a neat 10ft cascade falls that has drilled through the rock forming a natural bridge. The second is just below that and is a great twin waterfall. The left twin is around 40ft. The 3rd waterfall is the tallest waterfall Ive found. Its in the 70-85 ft range. The 4th waterfall is a really wide 20-25ft waterfall. It was quite a spectacular day. I found several other smaller waterfalls and cascades as well.



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