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December 7, 2010 Waterfalls

I decided to check out some different areas (other than West Fork Horsehead Creek) today and came across several nice waterfalls. First I visited Chinquapin Ridge Bluff. I knew about this bluff for a long time but thought it was privately owned but recently realized most of its NFS. There is also one spot where (at least according to the maps) where the FS land intersects the road. I parked at this spot and was quickly looking at some great views of the river valley. There is a fence there but I just crawled underneath. You could see the FS red paint lines just behind the fence.

After Chinquapin Ridge Bluff I checked out the quality of a few roads for future waterfall hunts but eventually made my way to a drainage off of Sarah Hollow (3539'26.22"N 9338'28.86"W). I quickly found this nice 20-25 ft tall waterfall. I didnt check downstream but there could be more waterfalls down there.

I then headed to the area around Shower Chair Falls (a waterfall I found back in the summer) to check a couple of side drainges. The road down there is a little rough but if I can get in and out in my Honda Civic I imagine most people wont have problems =). The first place I investigated was at 3537'41.83"N 9341'43.46"W. I found a 20-30ft tall waterfall there. Its literally just around the corner from Shower Chair Falls so I went ahead and checked it too. It seemed taller than I remember and is no doubt one of the taller ones Ive found. I think its probably around 40ft tall.

The last place I checked was farther down the road from Shower Chair Falls. The hike to the top of the waterfall I found there was quick and easy. There are decent views of the waterfall from the top but I had to get below the ridge. I saw a way down on the left side but it was too risky so I hiked the bluff to the right. The bluff was very solid but eventually I found way down. The hiking in this area was wonderful and easy. The area was covered with pine trees and the ground wasnt covered with rocks. The bluffline was very nice though not especially tall. There was several little caves and one crevasse back into the bluff that had a drip of water going. This could be a neat little waterfall in wet weather. I finally got around to the waterfall and found a nice 25-35ft tall waterfall. There is another 20ft waterfall right beside it from a wet weather stream. There are also some waterfalls below but nothing that looked too tall and none that looked too easy to get too. This will be high on my list of places to go to during the next rain and Ill probably fully hike the drainage then. That makes 5 nice waterfalls located well within 1/2 mile of each other in this area.



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