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December 3, 2010 More West Fork Horsehead Creek

I hiked into some other parts of West Fork Horsehead Creek today. I came across 7 waterfalls with 2-3 more of similiar size that werent running (during rain they would be similiar in appearance to many of these). I knew about 1 from the Ozarkpages canoe/kayak was #7 and was actually my favorite of the day. They call it flying dog falls. This area is just full of canyons and waterfalls. Even when there are no waterfalls there is plenty of scenic beauty. Many times the streams are the only passage through areas as the walls are too steep or solid verticle rock. It really is a canyonland down there. The toughest part of the hike was my first destination (3536'0.98"N 9340'45.47"W). There is a little 10ft waterfall near the entrance just up from the main creek and it made getting into the canyon a little difficult. After getting into the canyon the walk was easy along the streambed until you hit one of the three big waterfalls. Getting around them was not easy since the slopes were so steep and crumbly. There were just enough trees and rocks to nearly always have something to hold onto. The lower falls looks to be around 35ft, the middle around 40ft +, and the top is a neat double decker that is probably around 50-60ft in total height. I found another nice waterfall just up from stream in a canyon at 3536'6.69"N 9340'53.80"W and another nice one at 3536'8.47"N 9340'55.79"W. This one will be pretty nice in higher water as it will be a double falls but getting to it in higher water is questionable. From there I began hiking up the main creek and it really is an amazing canyon. A drainage came in from the north and it looked sure to come to a waterfall and I found one at 3536'19.84"N 9340'40.68"W. I then got back down to the creek (I did find a waterfall around 20ft that was just dripping below that coming in from a side drainage) and hiked up till I found the nice 25-30ft falls I read about on the ozarkpages kayak/canoe site. It had a wonderful deep pool that provided perfect refelctions thanks to the water hitting a rock ledge instead of the pool. I then hiked straight up and out. I imagine my total height gain was between 1500-1800ft with a total distance of nearly 6 miles.



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