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November 22, 2011 - West Fork Horsehead Creek Waterfalls

I explored a portion of West Fork Horsehead Creek that I hadnt gotten down into before. I found what is likely the two tallest waterfalls in the drainage - both being in the 50ft range. I also found many many other small falls and great cascades. Ive found now at least 20 25ft waterfalls in the draianage with many others just a little shorter than that. What a unbelievable area! Here is the hike track (from west to east)

These are the waterfalls I found in the steep side drainage. The first picture on the second row is pretty neat. It is aligned right! You can see the rock layers bending up to the right side of the waterfall. That is a fault there and the bending of the rock layers are called drag folding and are caused by the faulting.

The first pic here is on the main creek of West Fork Horsehead Creek...the second shows that waterfall and the entrance into the main creek of the drainage I had just hiked down

I finally came up to the first waterfalls I had found in the drainage.



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