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October 24, 2011 Aurora!

What an incredible display last night! I just happended to check out around 8pm and saw that aurora were being seen in Ohio so I thought I would throw my camera outside and see if it picked up anything. The first image had some very light auroras which put me into a immediate panic as to where I should go. I decided to just run out into the field and within just about 10-20 minutes the auroras went crazy. I had lots of problems with the auroras being overexposed... I obviously havent had a lot of practice! Earlier in the day I had a pretty nice time up on Mount Nebo State Park. The valley had completely fogged up and so I got a nice view of sunrise from above the clouds! Here is a time lapse of the aurora explosion... and again... this is from ARKANSAS!

Mount Nebo Sunrise

A couple of Orionid Meteors from Saturday:

And a few random pics from the last few weeks:



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