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September 9-11, 2010 Arkansas Waterfalls

We finally got a great rain so the waterfalls started flowing again. On the 8th we got several inches and on the 9th we got several more inches during some very heavy rain. I first headed out the morning of the 9th to check out Bingham Hollow Falls which was flowing pretty good. I then went to class and after that I did a little storm chase of a tornado warned storm West of Cass, AR. I then headed home for a few minutes until the back edge of the heavy rain was close and then headed back to Bingham Hollow. Water was flooding all over the place and coming out of places I had never seen water run! I couldnt even cross the second stream that flows into the waterfall but I managed to wade across to get down the waterfall. To say that the waterfall was rocking would be a understatement. It was insane. The amount of water flowing reminded me of the time I visited Cedar Falls when it was in major flood as well. When I left it was bright and sunny and the water had already dropped quite a bit. On the way to my afternoon class I came back up on the storms and had a nice little storm with wall cloud pass right over the interstate in front of me

The next day (the 10th) I explored two new areas for waterfalls. The first was a little drainage that flows into Bingham Hollow just south of where Bingham Hollow enters the Mulberry River valley. I found a rugged little canyon with many small falls (<10ft) and slides but nothing major. I then headed back about halfway towards Bingham Hollow Falls and hiked east into the woods towards a little ravine I had wanted to investigate for a while. When I first got to the ravine it didnt even have any water but just a couple minutes down the ravine the stream started to trickle. After another couple of minutes the trickle was a nice little stream and soon I began to see a large dropoff just ahead. I came out onto a pretty nice scene. A nice 50-60 ft tall waterfall plunged right off the cliff. From that point I could see down into the Mulberry River valley. I was just above Byrds Adventure Center and I could see some of that as well as the Mulberry River which was still in flood. I made my way around to the bottom but the view up there wasnt as good as up above (because of some house sized boulders near the base). Later that day I took Ross Ellet and his family down to the new discovery (I think it should be called Byrds Pouroff) and then to Bingham Hollow Falls. While we were above the falls talking I noticed a black bear wandering around only about 20 feet behind Ross! Right as I told Ross about it the bear saw us and moved towards the waterfall. We followed him a little ways and at a few spots he got cornered between us and the cliff and gave us the dont come a step closer look.

On the 11th I decided I had to check out another spot not far from the discovery the previous day. The hike was longer but wasnt too bad. We got another inch of rain that morning so things were still flowing great. I made my way to the spot I though might hide a waterfall and found a wondeful new waterfall. I hiked around the canyon until I found a way down the bluff. On the way to that spot I found a nice crag that juts way of the bluff and is undercut wayyyy back. I made my way to the waterfall and it really was a great spot. At the base of the falls was a large deep pool that had a couple of huge boulders in it. As soon as I saw it it looked like some sentinel standing guard in front of the waterfall. I couldnt find a place name so Im just going to call it Senintel Falls until something better is thought of. On the way out I found several nice waterfalls <15ft) upstream from the main falls. That night I did a little astrophotogray using my new electronic drive for my eq mount.



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