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August 8, 2010 Arkansas Waterfalls

I woke up in the early morning to storms and after I went back to sleep I set my alarm for 5am so I could wake up and see if any areas got enough rain to go for a hike. When 5am came around I woke up and found that over 3 inches of rain had fallen in a area Ive wanted to get to for a while. The hike was long (nearly 7 miles total) but well worth it with several nice waterfalls. Below are pictures of Bear Skull Falls (and the little falls just upstream), Slot Rock Falls, Discovery Falls, & Sunset Falls. I didnt take the exact route in Tims book and so I ended up just a little shy of 7 miles total. I tried to find a way out back to the road above Sunset Falls but gave up after it seemed there would never be a good enough break in the bluff. I did find you could get from Sunset to Discovery and back from the base of Sunset Falls (by hiking up the steep rocky incline to the left of Sunset Falls and then following along the base of the bluff - its a bit narrow and a little risky but really quick!).

The little waterfall just upstream from Bear Skull Falls and 22 ft tall Bear Skull Falls itself

Slot Rock Falls - 8 ft tall

The 19 ft waterfall just below Discovery Falls and 43 ft tall Discovery Falls itself

Sunset Falls - 70 ft tall



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