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July 14-18, 2010 Arkansas Waterfalls

I am doing some exploring of streams and creeks near home after the unexpected large waterfall find from July 10th. On the 14th I found a 30 ft tall double decker waterfall (but its hard to get to and photograph) and some other smaller waterfalls along and above the East Fork of Barron Creek. There were also some neat cliff formations including a pedastal and lots of little caves (the cliff face is shearing off). At one point I felt cold air coming out of some holes between rocks I was scrambling across which was a little scary since it was probably a caved in area. The total hike was a tough 2 miles. On the 15th I had a much shorter hike but it was unbelieveable. I found a waterfall that seems to be around 45-50ft (could be higher) high with another 15-20+ ft of falls and cascades immediately above it. Behind the waterfall is a huge cavern. This amazing area is located only a couple hundred yards from a road and is located in the upper reaches of Bingham Hollow. On the 17th I checked out some areas above Horse Head Creek and found a few falls but nothing substantial. On the 18th I visited another area near home and found a nice 30-40 ft new waterfall. The area is in a side creek off of Clear Creek. One neat little thing was at the base of the falls. The water must fall off into that spot most of the time because its eroded the rock into the shape of the falls. It also looked kinda like a chair so I decided to see how comfy it was. The water was cold, beating down on me pretty good and I could barely breathe! but it was fun! Here are pics... first from the 18th..

new waterfall in creek off of Clear Creek near the Franklin/Johnson County lines. Maybe we should call it Shower Chair Falls? - July 18, 2010

Waterfalls high above Horse Head Creek - July 17, 2010

On the morning of the 16th I woke up to a cloudy and rainy sky so I made a quick trip to get some pictures in the better conditions of the new waterfall in Bingham Hollow. Also, Tim Ernst got down to the waterfall later on the 15th and measured this falls at 51ft! - July 16, 2010

Bingham Hollow Falls - July 15, 2010

East Fork Barron Creek and side drainages - July 14, 2010



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