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July 13, 2010 Mulberry River Flash Flood

Early Tuesday morning (7/13/2010) I realized there was a high potential for a flash flood along the Mulberry River. Several inches of rain had fallen on the mountainous source areas of the river while much less rain fell along the rest of the drainage. Around 830am I noticed that the river level at Turner Bend was at six feet and rising while the gauge at Mulberry was a little over 1 foot. I didnt know exactly how long I had but I waited until around 1030am to leave. When I got to the river at Mulberry is as low and clean. There was no river rise at all until around 2:15PM. There were some swimmers at the pool we were at (at the Bridge on Wire Rd) and we warned them of the flood coming when we saw the water rising and muddy water coming down the creek to our north. They made it out safely. Within just a few moments the river rose a good foot and for the next 20 minutes the river rose rapidly. It seemed to rise quickly in waves. The river rose over 5 feet at our location. Just downstream at Bluff Hole Park near Mulberry the quick river rise surprised swimmers there. 13 were stranded knee deep in water on what had been a small island. Several people were swept away but everyone managed to be pulled to safety. Eventually a swift water rescue boat was brought in and began to ferry the people to safety and within about 3 hours of the beginning of the flood everyone had been rescued.

Here are before and at peak flow pictures as well as graph of the Mulberry River gauge showing the quick is below



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