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July 10, 2010 Arkansas Waterfalls

After a few inches of rain I thought I would head out to a few locations near home (just over 2 miles) that I have been meaning to check out for possible waterfalls. The first location (and ultimately the only one of the day) was on the North Fork of White Oak Creek in Franklin County north of Ozark. I got to the area and was surprised to find a rough little road leading down the mtn towards the creek and so I decided to follow it (on foot). It was a nice little walk that brought me across two little drainages that held several small little waterfalls. I thought about leaving the road several times since it paralleled the creek a bit but it continued to turn towards the creek enough to keep me on it. Eventually I could hear loud water and I came out on top of a wonderful site! A 30ft tall waterfall pouring (estimated poorly) off a long flat rock cliff/ledge. I found a way down and was even more surprised with what I found. The whole creek above and below the falls is a solid rock mass. There is not much of a pool at the bottom but there are no trees around it and the openness of the area really makes it fun. I ventured downstream just a bit and found that the 4 wheeler trail eventually came down to the creek. If you had a 4 wheeler you could easily drive right up to the falls since the creek bed is so flat and smooth. Further down the entire scene changed as the narrow gorge narrows more and drops down quickly several falls and cascades. There are probably more nice waterfalls down stream but its so close to home I decided to wait for another day (I didnt bring enough water!). I cant wait to check out this place during a flood...the top is flat enough that water will be spilling off the top in several locations!

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