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June 15, 2011 Lightning

This was a potential chase day over in OK/KS but I am still having pain associated with my wisdom teeth being yanked outta my head so I waited on the storms to come to me. I had wanted to get up on top of Mt. Magazine or Nebo but the storms looked to be trending north of there so I ended up down in Ozark in a area Ive wanted to shoot lightning from for a long time. The bridge and railroad tracks provided a nice scene...some of the pics got a little messed up because of the strong winds moving my camera around. Winds gusted at my spot to around 40mph. After the storm passed over I decided to follow it and see if I could get ahead of it one more time. Along the way I had the camera taking pictures constantly on the dash. I got to Russellville at the same time as the storm so the pics werent that great. I ended up at Lake Dardanelle State Park and got some pretty close lightning shots there.



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