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May 19, 2010 Oklahoma Storm Chase

I chased in Eastern Oklahoma today. I knew the better storms would be up in W/NW Oklahoma but I didn't want to be a part of the large herds of storms chasers expected. I knew that I probably wouldnt see any tornadoes and everyone up there would! There was a chance of storms to form further down the warm front and in the vicinity of a outflow boundary. There had been a few radar echoes East of OKC for several hours and around 4pm those showers finally began to develop (albeit slowly). Around 5pm a severe storm developed just south of me and I moved to intercept it. I had followed a few earlier showers to a few miles north of I-40 at Okemah and so I made my way back down to I-40. The storm already had a little wall cloud. I chased this storm all the way up to Beggs. Along the way I observed several pretty nice wall clouds and several areas of pretty decent rotation. The best was tight little area of rotation (4-5 miles SW of Beggs) that had tightened up from a much broader area of weak rotation. At one point some scud began rising up off the ground and it was rotating but the rotational speeds were very weak. As the storm got to Beggs I headed west to a new storm that was now tornado warned coming up towards Bristow, OK. I got to Bristow and decided just to wait on the storm. Eventually a large wall cloud became visible. There were several areas of pretty good rotation in several areas around the southern part of the storm. A spotter reported a possible touchdown just before the wall cloud became visible to me. I didnt want to chase the storm into Tulsa so I headed back south to I-40. The storms were starting to line out and I wanted to stay out in front so I-40 was the only option. I got back to Okemah and slowly made my home by riding just out in front of the storms. I got a few pictures of some nice shelf clouds.

Random Pics from last week:

all night star trail and ISS with the Moon, Venus, and lots of lightning bugs

Other random pics



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