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May 13, 2008 Storm Chase

I left out of Arkansas pretty early as I decided to get about halfway to my target and then take a nap. I got to Henryetta and took a two hour nap. From there I continued on west and then southwest to Purcell. I thought things looked pretty good there and southwest of there. There were occasionally cu that developed and as it was pretty early I thought this was certainly a good sign. I saw more enhanced cu on vis sat south of Ardmore in extreme N Texas so I began a drift south. I eventually ended up near Ardmore. The front showed really nice convergence from OKC into SE KS and by a little after 4 the first storm developed SW of Tulsa. A few minutes later the front began showing up on radar as the covergence had increased along it. I noticed a area to my WNW that seemed to have a bit more convergence and since there wasn't much south of there I decided to head that way. I saw several nice towering cu but within a few minutes all the them would die. I stayed in the area between Pauls Valley, Ardmore and Velma until a little after 7. There were several nice trys at storms including one towering cu that was nearly right over me. It actually was the remnant of a previous attempt and I noticed all of a sudden some of the leftover cloud debris starting shooting straight up. It actually had some of the debris clouds form a bit of a inflow band into it! It did drop a few big raindrops on me (just after the picture on the second row on the left was taken) as it exhibited some beginning signs of a LP Supercell. The area where that attempt was made had continued attempts even as I was leaving the area a bit after 7. For a hour or two the storms along the front SW of Tulsa had continued to build south and a bit after 7 I realized it was likely no storms would develop in my location so I took off for the tail end of the line which by that time was NE of Pauls Valley. It didn't take me too long to get to it and from the south it showed a bit of a inflow band. By the time I got there however the inflow band and lowering had become more of a outflowish feature although I suppose you could still consider it a outflow/wall cloud hybrid. I punched through the storm in just a couple minutes to get to a road that could take me east and stay in front of it. I was so unimpressed with the storm as I drove through its core that I pretty much was done with it from that point. I knew there were more storms NE so I decided to just start heading home and would intercept any storm along the way. I didn't get too far before a severe storm warning was issued for a storm that was just to my N. I observed some scud rising into the updraft and got a lightning picture alongside it before continuing on. I drove north on Hwy 377 so I could either A: get to the interstate and go home if storm looked crappy or B: punch through and get back in front at Holdenville. I had traveled north a few miles when the clouds cleared out and offered a nice view of the storm with occasional lighting. I stopped for a bit and took some lightning pictures and noticed the nice updraft towers located on the SW corner of the storm. I decided to continue the chase. I took 270 down through Holdenville just barely missing the storm and continued along 48 south to Hwy 1 and the back on 270 to skirt the southern edge of the storm. I stopped another time to take a few lighting pictures and then I punched through. I didn't get any hail and then I decided to just head on home. I saw great anvil crawler lightning as I went through and east from Sallisaw but didn't stop.

two of the many attempts at initiation

storm trys to develop nearly right above me and storms trying to develop to the north

storms developing to the north of Pauls Valley with a cap

storms NE of Pauls Valley

severe warned cell north of Ada

severe storm near Holdenville

top of the storm and the moon and severe storm near Holdenville

top of the storm and the moon and severe storm near Holdenville

severe storm near Holdenville

severe storm near just NE of McAlester

severe storm just NE of McAlester