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May 10, 2010 High Risk Tornado Chase
in Oklahoma

I headed out a bit late and that really cost me. If I would have been able to leave just 30 minutes earlier (or less) my day would have been so much better! I first headed up to Tulsa and then over to I-35. Storms began firing not long after I left and by the time I got past Tulsa storms were already quite established and tornado warnings were being issued. I decided to go after the tornado warned storm that was West of Enid. I knew I probably should stay south and intercept the newly developed storms forming to its south but I just couldnt resist taking a look at that impressive storm. I made it to Medford, OK just after the very pretty multi vortex tornado craziness. The storm was very impressive and soon a large wedge tornado began forming to my West. It became rain wrapped as it was forming but I could occasionally make it out. After the tornado moved by me to the north I began heading back south to try and get in front of the next storms down. Unfortunately, chaser traffic and fast storm motions prevented me from getting in front. I made it over to Ponca City and skirted along the back edge of the storm just missing out on the tornado reported south of there. The next storms down were not too impressive so I decided to jet Southeast and try to intercept the large monster supercell that was moving from OKC east along I-40. I ended up having ot head out as far east as the Muskogee Turnpike but eventually I was able to get around and south of the storm at Warner, Ok. The storm was very nice with a large wall cloud. There was a lowering underneath it when I first got to it that was around the time of a tornado report but it was to far away to know if it was still down. After the storm passed me to my north I headed East along I-40. I intercepted the storm again near Mountainburg, AR but the storm was not nearly as organized. I then decided to head home...which nearly involved another intercept of that same storm but the storm missed me to my north by just a couple miles (it was still tornado warned).

Here is video of the large rain wrapped wedge tornado N/NW of Medford, OK

This is on approach to the supercell...a tornado was likely on the ground around this time

This was my first view of the base just a few moments later. I havent checked times out but its possible that the lowering is all the way to the ground

These three pictures are of the developing wedge tornado.

This is the next tornado warned storm down SE of Ponca City (and just after the Red Rock tornado)

This is the massive supercell that moved along I-40 dropping several large tornadoes along the way... this is later in its life (just after the last tornado report) taken from near Warner, Ok
Early that morning I was able to catch a lightning strike from my front yard:



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