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May 6, 2007 SW Oklahoma Storms

Scott Bell, Matt Crowther and myself woke up in Alva to tornado warnings to our south. We decided to head down towards the Elk City area. On the way down there we nearly got caught in some large hail SE of Alva but we managed to escape. I did get a nice lightning shot in daytime by the gust front

After getting to Elk City we continued on Sayre and checked on some storms developing just west of there. We saw a couple of weak wall clouds from two seperate cells but we decided to get back down to the original target and then head southwest from there towards a better cell near Hollis, Ok.

For the next several hours we saw several more weak wall clouds from several different storms but nothing looked good for long but I did get more daytime lightning!

Also saw some dust rising up near Mangum from 540pm...not a tornado..not sure what it was really.

I decided at this point to go ahead and head home while Matt and Scott continued on hoping for more development further west. On the way home I got a wall cloud west of Hobart, had the most promise of the day but it didnt last long

While going through OKC I saw the tornado warnings to the southeast and made it to them just as the circulation crossed the interstate in front of me. It had a nice lowering and a possible needle funnel.

I followed the wall cloud north to Prague and looking east from there I saw a very large wall cloud with a very nice tail cloud. The storm then weakened pretty quickly.