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May 1, 2010 High Risk Tornado Chase
in SE Arkansas

My car died the previous day and had already decided I wouldnt be chasing. I noticed a facebook post by Scott Currens saying he was targeting Pine Bluff... I knew he would likely be taking I-40 down there (passing by me) so I shot him a message seeing if I could tag along. He said yes and we headed to Pine Bluff. I was not sure about storm formation but eventually storms began to fire to the south. The first storm up really intensified just to our SW and we intercepted it. It ended up being the highlight of day. A tornado warning was issued and we observed nice rotation and several possible funnels. One appeared to be a large cone funnel that extended over halfway down but I dont believe it ever touched. We then ditched to the next storm up which was also tornado warned. It didnt look too great and it quickly weakened. We then decided to try and intercept that large impressive most southern supercell. We made it DeWitt only a mile or so from the circulation but roads werent great and large hail began to fall so we stopped and called it a day. Thanks again to Scott Currens for allowing me to ride along.



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