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April 26, 2009 Western Oklahoma Tornadoes Storm Chase

I chased 3 tornadic supercells all across Western Oklahoma. I started off on some cells in extreme West Texas in the morning that were severe then I raced back east to intercept the tornado warned cell moving out of SW Oklahoma. I chased that storm nearly to Weatherford. Then I had my choice of trying to intercept more storms coming out of Texas, or head NW to intercept storms in NW Oklahoma, or to head west on I-40 and intercept new cells firing ahead of the dryline. Luckily I chose to head west! Around 330pm I began to chase a new cell that was fired just south of previous strong storms. After a hour this storm dropped the two tornadoes in the video. I then intercepted a storm just to its southwest and saw a funnel cloud not too much different from the first tornado. Some time lapses are at the end of the video showing the storm during its developing and of the ragged wall cloud 15 minutes before it began to drop its tornado.