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April 24-25, 2011 Arkansas Waterfalls and Flooding

On the 24th I visited the Shower Chair Falls area and got to see them running great!

I hiked down to the cluster of waterfalls up in Butts Hollow and got pictures of them all running good.

Later that day I hiked down to White Oak Falls. The last line of that days rain came through dumping several inches in only a hour or two. This on top of all the previous rain was the perfect setup for major flooding. The first stream you cross on the way down to White Oak Falls was totally uncrossable. I had to hike well up the drainage to find crossable water. It was actually pretty crazy. The "creek" split up into numberous streams going down the side of a steep hill...water was running all over. The next drainage was just barely crossable as well. White Oak Falls was as expected running over nearly the entire length of the rock that is what the falls pour off of. It was very loud with the earth actually having a nice rumble to it in the ground. The water was so high I couldnt get down below. The water was actually several feet up the canyon walls! The rock slab the water pours off of is clearly visible on google earth... estimating its width at about 120-130ft and the height at 40ft... thats a 125ft wide 40ft tall waterfall!!!

Here is video



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