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April 21, 2010 West Texas Storms

I made my wait out early Wednesday morning for West Texas. I wasnt planning on heading out till Thursday but Tuesdays tornadoes west of Amarillo changed my mind. I got out there pretty early so I had a little time to check out Caprock Canyons and the area. I didnt go into the state park as I was on the side with no paved roads into there.

Here is video:

I first saw some storms forming in extreme West Texas and decided to go ahead and head that way. I ended up between the two stronger storms (one west of Amarillo and the other north of Lubbock). I was having a tough time deciding on which to go after. While waiting I did a time lapse of the Lubbock storm and while setting up that shot I got stunned by an electric fence. It felt like I had gotten hit in the back of the head/shoulders with a bat. I probably wont be getting too close to any fences in Texas without paying close attention at least. Eventually I made my way to the storm north of Lubbock. By the time I got closer it was losing intensity but another very pretty storm had developed to its east and moved up past it. It wasnt much but I chased it the rest of the day and got a few pictures. I spent the night in Childress for the next days chase.



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