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April 17, 2011 Indian Creek

I finally got around to hiking Indian Creek (off the Buffalo River near Kyles Landing)! Ive been wanting to do this for a long time but could never get down there. I saw that the NWA Hiking Club was heading down there so I asked to join up. I got there earlier than them so I visited Hammerschmidt Falls first and then headed down to Indian Creek. I went ahead and started the trail since I figure they would catch since I would be taking pictures. Ultimately, they had to go around to Harrison to bypass a semi wreck so I didnt see them until I was coming back after getting up to the Eye of the Needle. Indian Creek was really nice! I expected a tougher hike since I hear so much about it being dangerous but I suppose I am a little watered down when it comes to dangerous since many of my waterfall finds around here involve simularily dangerous hikes along ledges etc (especially when exploring initially before I figure out better ways in/out). The scenary was excellent though. There were a couple tall probably 40-50ft side waterfalls (no pictures since it was so sunny) and then from the area starting around Copperhead Falls it was just constant stopping for picture taking. Tunnel Cave falls was running really well and the waterfall just above it (Indian Creek Falls?) was as well. Since I had been to Hammerschmidt Falls earlier I was hoping there would be water flowing through the eye. I then climbed up the little bluff with the rope. I didnt even use the rope but it was very nice to have there just in case. I stopped at the next little waterfall before hiking up to the bluff. At the top there is a little tunnel you go through and then some boulder scrambling up to Eye of the Needle. It did have water!



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