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April 12-14, 2012 Storm Chasing

Chase Video from Friday (13th) and Saturday (14th)

Saturday, April 14, 2012. A major high risk day. From Roman Nose State Park I headed NW towards Woodward and on the way storms started popping down the dryline so I continued on NW past Woodward and eventually intercepted a developing storm. This storm was the first tornadic supercell in Oklahoma (outside of the Beaver County, OK Panhandle storm which was previous) and it eventually moved into KS towards Medicine Lodge. Road options towards the Kansas border area were not good so I darted south to the next developing supercell. Right before I turned south I observed significant rotation and a nice funnel that was about halfway to the ground.

The next supercell down. This storm produced several funnels which were low hanging enough to assume that a ground circulation was almost certainly present.

The next supercell down. This storm had great rotation but only maybe a few brief funnels.

The next supercell down. This is the storm that eventually produced the nighttime tornadoes in Wichita. Barely visible in the second picture is the first tornado the storm produced. This tornado was associated with a dying meso of the storm but it took a while to wind down. A ground circulation was observed in video around the time of the 4th image below. I continued to follow the little funnel hoping it might rope out but it didnt and then my attention was drawn to a large bowl lowering back east with the new meso of the storm. I spend the next few hours following this storm and witnessing multiple tornadoes. I was not able to continue the chase much past Cherokee Oklahoma due to OHP blocking roads and tornado damage.

Saturday, April 14, 2012. In the morning I hiked around the three springs area of Roman Nose State Park. There is a neat waterfall coming out of cave there.

Friday, April 13, 2012. After no sto storms the previous day it was nice to have storms firing fairly early. I checked out several storms and ultimately ended up on the storm that dropped the tornado in Norman. The first pic is looking south from inside the hook southwest of Norman. The second picture is looking back towards the meso area from the time and location of the Norman tornado...theres something there but cant tell if thats it or not. I know its close. I then left that storm and bolted southwest towards other storms further SW. Along the way there was some nice mammatus and a little storm on the north side of the major storm that was the target. I positioned in front of the storm and decided to just wait for it to come to me and as it did it intesified. Once it got to me it was looking really nice with pretty good tornado potential. I decided to try and punch through to a east road a couple miles north but on the way ran into very low clouds rotating fast just in front of me. I turned around and headed up the road briefly before deciding I could probably make it and turning back around and heading back to try for that road again. I didnt get too far before I noticed a large tornado in the field next to me. I had to wait for a few seconds for other fleeing vehicles to pass before I could turn around in the road. As I did the outer edges of the tornado caught up to me. I thought I was toast for sure when the visibility went to bascially 0 and the car started rocking. I peeled out and was just able to get away before the tornado crossed the road. There were actually two tornadoes that you can see in the pictures. A smaller one north/northeast of the main larger tornado. I then headed south and west to intercept more storms and got a few nice nighttime shots.

Thursday, April 12, 2012. I made the long drive from Ozark, Arkansas to Southwest Kansas. The day proved a bust but I was able to stay thouroughly entertained by the different geology of the region and the wonderous West Texas Sunset (as I made my way southeast towards the next days target area).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012. I got a few lightning strikes in the morning before school.



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