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March 25, 2010 - Arkansas Waterfalls

After the heavy rain and snow earlier in the week and more heavy rain on the 24th I couldnt resist getting out and knocking some waterfalls off the to-see list (from Tim Ernst's book). The main waterfall to visit was Sweden Creek Falls. At 81 feet high its in the top 10 of highest waterfalls in Arkansas. I also visited Broadwater Hollow Falls, Armadillo Falls, and Eden Falls.

Sweden Creek Falls and area

Broadwater Hollow Falls - 21 ft tall. The short hike down to the double main falls is full of fast flowing cascades and small waterfalls. At times the stream has cut several feet down into the rock.

Lost Valley Trail. This is the crack feature along Clark Creek where the water drops underground. Its pretty neat walking up the trail and hearing just a trickle beside you then you hear a roar, come to this, and then you have a good flowing creek the rest of the way up to Eden Falls.

Armadillo Falls - 18 and 24 ft tall. There are actually 3 falls in that one picture. Upper Armadillo is the tallest but is out of reach.

Natural Bridge and Eden Falls (lower, middle, & upper). The last picture is a tall (around 100ft?) wet weather waterfall outside Cobb Cave.


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