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March 14-22, 2010 - Arkansas Waterfalls

Here are pictures from the last week. I have been hiking a lot the last week thanks to spring break. On the 18th I hiked to Longpool and Pack Rat Falls, on the 19th I visited Keefe, Six Finger, Fuzzybutt Falls, on the 21st I hiked to Rattlesnake Falls, and on the 22nd I visited Tea Kettle Falls.

Longpool (44ft high) and Pack Rat Falls (24ft high). This was my first visit to Pack Rat Falls and it was a nice short little hike up a fun little drainage.

Keefe (78ft high), Fuzzybutt (16ft), and Six Finger Falls - 6ft (and waterfall just Falling Water Creek from Six Finger Falls). Ive wanted to visit Keefe Falls for so long it was nice to finally get up there. It wasnt running great so I cant wait to get up there when its really running. What was even more awesome was the other waterfalls in the area that I hadnt thought much of. Fuzzybutt Falls in particular was really nice. The canyon up to the falls is really neat. After checking out Six Finger Falls I was heading home when I remembered I wanted to check out a little drainage just up from Six Finger Falls. I hiked down to the edge and was surprised to find a nice little waterfall. There was no way down so I got back to the car... I nearly left but I just couldnt. I drove back toward Six Finger where I knew there was no bluff and parked at the Richland Wilderness Sign thats there and headed off to the creek. I hiked up Falling Water Creek (which in of itself was nice) and quickly came to the waterfall. Its probably around 20-25 ft high. I noticed later this waterfall is marked with a little black w in Tim Ernst's waterfall book.

Rattlesnake Falls - 29ft high. I visited Rattlesnake Falls after a several inch rain. The road up there was ok but there was snow and ice starting around White Rock Mtn. On the way back from the waterfall the wind picked up and snow began falling very heavily. The road was much worse heading out and I barely was able to get up several hills. I had planned on visiting Dockery Gap Falls but that will have to wait for another day.

Tea Kettle Falls - 46 ft high. This is one of my favorite waterfalls Ive visited. I had to park at Hwy 23 and ride my bike down to beginning of the trail at Warm Fork Creek. The water has drilled a hole inside the bluff straight down about 5-10 ft and then turns 90 degrees straight out the front of the bluff. The snow melt had this and the other nearby waterfall running very well. The waterfall just up Warm Fork Creek in Reynolds Hollow was running very strongly but its only around 10ft tall.

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