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March 14, 2008 Western Arkansas Storms

I left home around 9pm and headed west to intercept a severe line of thunderstorms that were moving out of NE Oklahoma into NW Arkansas. I headed to Mountainburg, AR but after a few minutes there I got back on I-540 south. I headed south to about 5 miles north of Alma where I pulled off at a nice viewing location. Around 11pm I could see the shelf cloud and it was one of the nicer shelf clouds I have seen. I will see if there enough video to put online tomorrow.

Just as the shelf cloud passed (winds were less than 35 mph) over I began to get hailed on (nickel at least) and so I continued south to I-40. At I-40 I headed east and was soon caught up with the storm again. Winds were pretty strong and there were occasional hailstones in some of the heavier rain. At Ozark I exited and took some pics of some nice anvil crawler lightning as the storm moved into the mountains.

While heading home I came across a bit of damage. I don't know where the material came from (probably just sitting in someones yard) but it was blown from east to west. I don't think it was tornado. It was probably just some strong winds out the back of the storm. I looked around the area and didn't see any other debris/damage.