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March 9, 2009 Southwest Oklahoma Storm Chase

Even though this setup wasn't great I was a lot more interested in going today than the storm chase on Saturday (3/7/09). I left from Fort Smith after my 3am-Noon work. By the time I got into Central Oklahoma I was beginning to get worried. The CU field wasn't developing as I had hoped and high cirrus clouds were starting to thicken up. A few storms started developing way up in North Central Ok which was way to far but finally a few blips appeared just across the border down in Texas. I waited for a few minutes and then began may down to intercept. I got my first look at the storms around 5:20PM. I got into position to intercept the more northern storm. As it got closer I was able to see a unorganized base and then I saw something underneath it coming off the ground. My first thought was it was a landspout but within a few seconds I realized it was just a little lightning started grass fire. It wasn't long though before a much larger grass fire became noticeable. I could see the flames easily from my position. I watched that as the storm approached and began to really lose what little punch it had. I then turned my attention to the slightly more impressive southern storm. I had to punch through to get around to it but I didn't get one hailstone. Once I got around into viewing position I could see the storm was already gusting out pretty good. I stayed with this storm for a while taking a few pictures until around 7PM a few storms started forming right on the dryline back to my west. I got a few pictures of these storms before heading home. I got to Fort Smith at 1am which didn't leave enough time to go home (another hour east) so I slept in my car for 2 hours before I began my work day again... hopefully this afternoon I will have a nice local chase..

my 3 fav pics from the chase (all pics in order at bottom)