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March 7, 2010 - Arkansas Waterfalls of West Fork Horsehead Creek

Now that Ive seen a good portion of the best falls in Tim Ernst's waterfall book I've now started to go out and explore areas where I think there might be some waterfalls. The first place Ive started searching is West Horsehead Creek north of Horesehead Lake. Here are pics from my most recent hike where I found numerous waterfalls including one really nice one. Below that are from my last hike were I explored the bottom part above Horsehead Lake and then finally the first hike in the area where I explored some drainages at the top of the canyon. I still have more to explore as I think there are still some nice falls in there somewhere. At the bottom are misc pics from the last few weeks.

This first waterfall is at the top of the drainage I used to get down part of the way. The second picture shows where Im headed... all the way to the bottom! The last 11 pics of this set are at the bottom on the actual West Fork Horsehead Creek and all of those pics were taken within a 100yd stretch of creek! One amazing place for sure...5 nice waterfalls and several other great cascades and all in a canyon thats at time very narrow.

This is the hike from Horeshead Lake up West Horsehead Creek about a mile and half (after school!). The last two pics show a nice 15-20 ft waterfall in a neat little canyon. The left side of wide shot shows a large portion of the bluff that has fallen in.

This was the first hike into the area...checking out some drainages up top (about halfway between the other two hiking areas)

Random Pics the last few weeks



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