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March 2011 Arkansas Waterfalls

March 5, 2011 - Shower Chair Falls and area waterfalls

Shower Chair Falls - around 40-45ft tall

This waterfall is literally just around the corner (NE) from Shower Chair Falls

This is farther down the road from Shower Chair Falls. I measured it at around 35 feet. Its actually really easy to get to from the road and the views up top (without going down) are great. There is a way down just around the left side thats really quick to get down... I piled some rocks there and if you hold onto the tree there you can just put your foot down. There are several waterfalls below this including the great waterfall cascade pictured here:

These are some waterfalls just NW from Shower Chair Falls.

March 6, 2011 - Butts Hollow Waterfalls

I had found a few waterfalls in here during last summer and revisited a couple. I then hiked up into another section and found numerous waterfalls
Here are two I had already found in summer.

After hiking up into another section I came into a really neat area. Two drainages came together at a nice waterfall! They even had seperate pools.

There is actually another drainage just like 25 yds downstream from the above twin falls that has a little waterfall where it enters the main stream. I hiked up it and found this just a little ways up.

I then hiked up the drainage above the right side waterfall and found a really nice spot up top. There are 3 waterfalls in just a few yards. There is a big rock formation up above that reminds me of a baboon monkey face (with mouth wide open) and right below that the water from the stream disappears into a hole and reappears underneath

I then hiked up the left drainage above the twin falls and found what is probably my tallest waterfall find so far. It looks to be 60-65ft tall.

I then got back down to the main creek and continued south. Alomst immediately I came to a incredible sectiton of continous waterfalls and cascades. I didnt stop at most of them but one could easily spend a fair amount of time just in that section.



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