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March 4, 2008 Arkansas Snowstorm

I jealously (I want snow!) saw the heavy snow bands setting up on top of the Russellville area and new they must have 6+ inches in the area. So around 930am I left out from Ozark and headed east towards Russellville to see just how much they got. The whole way from Ozark through Clarksville and all the way to Knoxville the snow totals were less than 1-2 inches.

Just before London, AR (7 miles Southeast of Knoxville) the snow totals began to really increase and the previously dry roads began to become wet. There were several vehicles that had slid off the road. I exited the interstate at Knoxville as there was a wreck that was east of there (I was stuck for about 30 mins). After checking the snow totals in Knoxville (4 inches) I drove along Hwy 64 and the snow continued to increase.

I went down to the Nuclear Plant to get some pictures there. The snow totals were higher with the average being about 6 inches.

I then continued east on Hwy 64 and about after a few more miles there were a few trees down across the road.

I stopped at a small park that is just before you cross part of Lake Dardenelle into Russellville.

In Russellville the snow totals were even higher. I stopped at a few places but I didnt want to venture into town. The snow total below is at Arkansas Ave (Hwy 7) and I-40 and these 4 pictures below were all taken in that area.

This was just north of Russellville along Hwy 7 about halfway between I-40 and Dover. I went into Dover but the snow totals dropped to 4-6 inches.

These two pictures are taken only 6.5 miles apart. The picture on the left is from the I-40 onramp at London and the other one is of the I-40 offramp at Knoxville.