March 2, 2008 Western Arkansas Storms
and Flooding the next day

I couldn't chase far from home on this day because my wife was sick with the flu so I had to wait on storms to come to me. Around 8pm I took off towards some severe storms in Southeast Oklahoma.
The storms weakened a bit as they made their way into Western Arkansas but I got a few shots of lightning near Mansfield, AR around 10pm.

Around 11pm I moved further Northwest to intercept a storm coming out of LeFlore County and into Western Sebastian County. The storm was pretty strong and had definate supercellular charecteristics. I was in perfect position as the strongest part of the storm passed just to my west. The lightning really started picking up just ahead of the storm.

The lightning was hitting at a fairly constant rate and coming right for me so I unplugged everything from the car that I could so if the car got hit my electronics wouldnt get fried. I was actually pretty scared! I thought about turning around and jetting out of there but I stayed and a moment later I got this:

The strike seems to have been about a hundred yards away. The flash was instantly followed by the thunder. That was the last lightning strike from that storm that was close so I headed north into Fort Smith to intercept the frontal line.

The left picture below is of downtown Fort Smith during a heavy storm and the right is from lee creek park showing the leading edge of some storms that were about to move into Fort Smith/Van Buren.

Youtube video of March 2, 2008 Storm Chase

The storms dumped copious ammounts of rain and that led to flooding.

This picture below is of the Horsehead Lake Dam...the picture doesn't too the reality justice as that dam is probably about 100 feet high.