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February 21, 2009 Benton County, Arkansas Bald Eagles

I went up to a location in Benton County, Arkansas that I knew to have a large wintering bald eagle population. It wasn't the best day to go since it was a nice clear day but I was still able to see a good number of eagles. The total number I saw in this small area was at least 15 and as many as 35-50. Eagles would fly in from all directions and make their way into the trees on the edge of a steep hill and next to a creek. The mature eagles landed in seperate locations (seperated by probably 50 yards) from the juvenile eagles. I saw more juvenile eagles in flight that I did mature. The juvenile eagles tended to fly in twosomes and they were doing a lot of play fighting. I saw them grapple (where they grab each others feet) up a few times which was the first time I have seen that. Their play fightning was very quick and kinda hard to photograph. The main problem was how far away the eagles were. They never came terribly close and I couldnt get any closer but it was still fun to see so many eagles in such a small area. I will go up there again soon the next time I have time and the weather is good (foggy/cloudy/stormy).