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February 14, 2009 Pam's Grotto Waterfall

Below are pictures of Pam's Grotto Waterfall and the immediate area. The waterfall is named after the wife of the namer of the falls (Tim Ernst). The waterfall is located about 15 miles northeast of Clarksville, AR. The whole area around and leading up to the waterfall is pretty scenic. High bluffs with many interesting rock formations line much of the path/way. The waterfall is 37 feet tall but seems more than that. The stream that flows from the waterfall has many small waterfalls. We went up the trail alongside the cliff and took the stream bed back. It took some effort to get down the stream but it was more enjoyable than the cliffside trail. Right next to the waterfall is a good size cave/cliff overhang with many large rocks (some as big as large houses) that have fallen from the top of the cliff/overhang. The last two pictures are of Haw Creek and Haw Creek Falls.