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February 13, 2010 - Arkansas Waterfalls
(Hedges Pouroff, Hammerschmidt Falls, Twin (triple) Falls, Dewey Canyon Falls, Bumpers Falls, East & West Funnel Falls)

East and West Funnel Falls (41 & 52 feet). This was around a one mile hike. The first part was a little rough due to severe ice storm damage. Once you get down the first big hill (you can see the bottom from the top) I found a trail that made the hike much easier. East and West Funnel Falls are probably only about 20 yds apart but you cant see both from one location. Funnel Falls is located north of Big Flat and southwest of Norfolk.

Dewey Canyon (88ft) and Upper and Lower Bumpers Falls (27 & 71 ft). This hike was around a mile as well. Lower Bumpers Falls wasnt flowing good enough to see easily in the photots. The Dewey Canyon area is located north of Big Flat and southwest of Norfolk.

Twin (Triple) Falls (48 feet tall). The sign says there calls it Twin Falls but Tim Ernst has christened it Triple due to there being 3 falls a good portion of the time (as there was today). This hike is less than 1/2 mile total and very easy (one of the easiest significent Arkansas Waterfalls to get to). I could hear the waterfall clearly from the parking location.

Hedges Pouroff (113 feet tall), Hammerschmidt Falls (43 feet tall). Hedges wasnt running very good but it had a lot of ice down at the bottom. Hammerschmidt was running better but I couldnt get too close to it to due to ice & snow and not wanting to be impaled by the large falling icicles.

And here are pictures from Boxley Valley and along the Buffalo at Steele Creek. We had a little fun at Steele Creek. My wife and I were taking pictures while Petebear (our son puppy) was running along crazily on the sand bar. I just happened to look up and there is a juvi Bald Eagle very close flying very close behind my wife! At about the time I spotted him he spotted us and took off. I am 100% sure he was thinking of taking our pup and hadnt noticed us till right before he attacked.



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