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Lost Valley / Eden Falls / Eden Falls Cave
February 8, 2009, March 25, 2010, & March 22, 2011

This is probably now firmly in the top 5 most scenic areas my wife and I have visited. The whole trail up to Eden Falls was scenic. Eden Falls is a amazing place. Above Eden Falls there is a cave you can crawl into and at the back is (about 200 feet in) a 30 foot tall waterfall in a large cavern...its simply unbelievable. Here are the best pics and the best from the trip are below these:

Here is a pic for scale comparison .. I am beside the waterfall.

This is the waterfall inside the cave:

Here are pictures from along the trail in Lost Valley up to Eden Falls.

This is the crack feature along Clark Creek where the water drops underground. Its pretty neat walking up the trail and hearing just a trickle beside you then you hear a roar, come to this, and then you have a good flowing creek the rest of the way up to Eden Falls. This first picture is from Feb 8, 2009 and the others are from March 25, 2010.

Armadillo Falls - 18 and 24 ft tall. There are actually 3 falls in that one picture. Upper Armadillo is the tallest but is out of reach. These waterfalls are located up a drainage on the opposite side of the creek from the trail (just past the jigsaw blocks area). There is a faint trail up there but it gets a bit tough up towards the falls.

Here is the spirit tree, the Natural Bridge and Cobb Cave area as well as the tall bluffs above Cobb Cave. The last picture is a wet weather waterfall outside Cobb Cave (its gotta be at least 100ft high!).

And here is Eden Falls:

The trail continues up the left side of Eden Falls and it takes you up to Eden Falls Cave. The cave is pretty large at the entrance with plenty of room. It is a bit dangerous as the water coming out of the cave spills immediately into Middle Eden Falls right at the cave entrance. The cave has a little cavern up and to the left. The going gets tighter quick going farther back. There is little slot canyon thats just tall and wide enough to walk through but at the end of that you run out of room. I had to crawl for about 20 yards or so but it wasnt hard since the sound and rumble of the waterfall was just amazing. The cave opens up a bit and then your in a pretty large cavern with a huge waterfall spilling right from the top all the way to the bottom. The waterfall created spray that filled the entire cavern. I managed to get a few pictures of this amazing spot although the spray and complete dark made it difficult!

Here is Middle Eden Falls (its actaully the water flowing right of the cave). The very last picture is of Upper Eden Falls.



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