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February 5, 2009 Devils Canyon Falls

After work (3am-1pm) I decided to try and get in a quick hike. I decided on Devils Canyon Falls near Fern, AR. Temperatures were in the 60's and it wasn't till I was up there that I realized I forgot my water but I decided to go on anyway even though I hadnt ate and didn't have water. A good part of the several mile hike was on a trail but the rest was pretty hard going. I had to hike through the forest a lot but the toughest part was once I got to the waterfall. The shot was aweful with trees all in the way. I decided I had to get down there somehow to get a good picture. I hiked along the edge of the cliff for a while and found what I thought was a way down. I got about 25 feet from where I would be able to make it down but it was too far. I thought about sliding down but thank goodness I didnt as it was much worse than I thought. I hiked back up the cliff edge and finally found a little barely passable way down. Leaf littler and lose rocks made it a little risky but I managed to get down finally. I made my way below the cliff line up to the waterfall. Along the way water was spilling over the cliff in many places creating many 50-75 foot small waterfalls. Finally, I got to the waterfall and it looked so much better from the new location. Devils canyon Falls is about 60 feet high but the canyon its in is much higher as its ate its way down above and below the falls. The entire area is quite scenic. The valley is nearly solidly lined with the high vertical or overhanging bluffs. At this point its getting late (4pm) and so I start worrying about darkness so I hurry back up the cliff. After the rough hike up the thirstyness became pretty bad and I thought several times about drinking stream water but I never did. I then started to feel sick and actually got a little confused. I probably wouldn't have made it out before dark except I had my gps with me. I pulled it out and got back on track. I made it to my car about 5:15pm completely exhaused and quite sick with cramps dizzyness etc. All in all a fun day but probably not the greatest idea to go without water!

This was the view from above Devils Canyon and along the way down to the falls.

The first pic is Devils Canyon stream just above the falls. The second pic from left is of a cliff that appeared to be held up by two trees and the other two pics are of small high waterfalls falling from the cliff edge into the canyon.

The first pic is of the crappy first view of the falls and the rest is of Devils Canyon Falls itself

A picture for scale...I am in there somewhere!