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February 1, 2009 Ice Storm Damage and Glory Hole Waterfall

Decided to go visit some area waterfalls today since between the heavy rain and melting ice the streams were all running good.

This was from Saturday and shows some small creeks off of the Little Mulberry River.

The first pic was just off the Little Mulberry. The other stuff was from today (2-1-09) and is of the area around Lichen Falls. The waterfall is along the Ozark Highlands Trail and because of the ice storm damage it is currently closed.

These little waterfalls are on the trail down to Glory Hole Waterfall.

The rest of these pics are of Glory Hole Waterfall. The trail down to glory was not as quick as it otherwise would be because of trees and tree limbs down from the ice storm. Glory Hole Waterfall is about 35 feet high from the top to the bottom. As you can see from the pics below.... it gets its name from the fact that the water has drilled through about 10 feet of solid rock through the cliff overhang. For scale... I am in the pic that is second from the bottom 1st pic (left). I have visited many waterfalls but this is probably my favorite of all. The whole area is incredible...even with the ice storm damage all around.