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Mount Magazine - Above The Clouds

I woke up this morning (January 26, 2008) to find our house enveloped in clouds as well as a having a nice glaze on the trees from freezing fog.

I then checked the local visible satellite to see the extent of the clouds and was excited to see the tops of a few mountains including Mount Magazine (Arkansas' highest point at 2753) peaking above the clouds. My wife and I left on our way to Mount Magazine within just a few minutes as we were worried the clouds could burn off or completely cover up the top of the mountain (as has happened to us before).

We reached the mountain in about an hour. The clouds persisted to about 2000 feet then within just few hundred feet of road a clear blue sky burst out. Below are pictures from all the major lookout points of Mount Magazine.

Looking south out over Blue Mountain Lake. The top of the mountain in the distance is Dry Creek Mountain which is about 10 miles away.


The temperature on top of the mountain in the sun was in the mid 40s while below in the fog there was still ice and freezing fog (seen above right)

The two pictures above show the cloud of steam rising (from a nuclear power plant near Russellville, AR - 25 miles away) above the cloud layer.