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January 20-21, 2010 - Storms

I was able to capture a few lightning strikes including one that caused a explosion/fire (could be a tree but there is a house in that area as well). All of these first set of pictures were taken from Peter Pender, AR in Southern Franklin County as a strong little storm moved over (there were even a few pea size hailstones) between 930 & 10PM.

A few hours later in the early morning a strong line of storms moved through. I found a nice open view and was able to see a nice shelf cloud. It didnt have a lot of lightning with it. As the shelf cloud passed winds gusted to around 45mph and nickel size hail fell. I got a few pictures of the shelf cloud from the back and it was actually all the way to the ground! The hail continued very for a while (pea size) and managed to lightly accumulate on the ground/road.

Here is video:



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